S3Ch40: Hot GeeK Summer (Season 3 Premiere)

Hot GeeK Summer may be in its final weeks but Chris and Kyle are back with the season 3 premiere! Both of the guys spent their breaks catching up on comics and checking out a bunch of new games but it didn't keep them from working on all sorts of new ways to bring you more geekery content. To start out the 40th chapter they share a little bit about the new GeeK KetchUP Merch store, plans for exclusive Patreon content, reveal what game will be highlighted in the 3rd annual Retro Sports League Challenge and more!

From there Chris and Kyle shift their focus to highlighting some of the best comics and video games they've been enjoying over the last few weeks. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Dark Alliance, Mario Golf: Super Rush, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021 are all on deck. In print, Kyle shares about the insanity of Injustice: Year Zero, Chris gives his thoughts on Keanu Reeve's brutal BRZRKR, and they wrap up by sharing a significant X-Men development!

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