S2Ch22: The Boys

It's GeeK KetchUP's first birthday! It's been a wild year but this month the guys are celebrating the ONE year anniversary of the show.  With that they start out this chapter by sharing what they've been up to over the past couple of weeks as well as the details of their first ever giveaway! Be sure to listen in for what the prizes are going to be and follow the social accounts below all week to learn how you can enter to win! Once all that is out of the way Chris and Kyle shift gears to talk about the latest Amazon Prime show that is taking everything by Stormfront, uh, by storm, they mean storm. That's right! They're talking about The Boys and all the crazy over-the-top moments from seasons one and two. Chris has also been been reading the comics that started it all and shares his thoughts on how the show differs from the source material and which version of Billy Butcher's story he prefers.

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