S1Ch10: Anthem: 1 Year Later

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Just over one year ago Bioware's Anthem was released as one of the most anticipated video games of the current generation. Shortly thereafter all of the Javelins from Fort Tarsis crashed and burned into a confusing pile of defects, mismanagement, and flaming Scars. Well the dust has settled and the guys decided to celebrate Anthem's first birthday by reinstalling the game and jumping back in their suits in order to answer the questions: what is Anthem today? Has BioWare improved it since the middle of last year? Have they delivered on any of their promises to raise the game from the ashes of embarrassment to something worth gamer's time? All of this is answered and while they're at it Chris and Kyle discuss a few other AAA titles that had big release day hype but turned out to be disappointing flops. They even share a few suggestions from the GeeK KetchUP community!

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