Bonus: A Christmas on Infinite Podcasts Special

Not since The Avengers took the big screen by storm in 2012 has there been a crossover event so ambitious as this special holiday episode! Okay, well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration…

Welcome to the Christmas On Infinite Podcasts Holiday Special! This epic team-up includes some of your favorite podcasts (if not, they should be!).

We have, Super Bracket Bros, GeeK KetchUP, Game of Groans, and Level Playing Field uniting together to bring you some holiday cheer!

On this episode the gang plays a few fun games all themed around the topics of their shows and this festive holiday season. Emily from Game of Groans hosts Christmas is Coming, a game about matching Game of Thrones characters with Christmas movies! Andrew from Level Playing Field hosts a Christmas movie version of Synonym Roll, the game where the title has been changed to synonyms and you have to guess what it originally was! And finally, you can’t have Super Bracket Bros without a bracket, Jay hosts a tournament to definitively decide what the best Christmas song of all time is! What could go wrong?

If you enjoy this episode, let us know! And please check out all of the shows represented on this episode! Thank you and have a merry Christmas!

Super Bracket Bros

Game of Groans

Level Playing Field

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